17-year-old Laina Rose attempted to trek the entire Pacific Coast Trail—alone—this summer. She made it 1,500 miles before sickness forced her to stop, but she has plans to resume her journey soon. Read about her trip at The New Artemis


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sunndune-deactivated20140727 said: Why do you have this vendetta against Social Justice or anything of that nature? Some Poc like to poke fun at white culture and scrutinize the problems that stem from it, but thats no reason to attack the valid points they make. With maturity you should be able to distinguish that these attacks are not personal. Perhaps you may not be mature enough to look at things in all different light, but until then you should keep your opinions to yourself as its bad pr for a comedy blog.


Look, there are many unfair advantages that certain groups in our societies have (whites, men, etc) that should be talked about and eradicated. The vast majority of Tumblr, however, takes it way too far. They take these nobel causes (feminism, racism, gay rights, etc.) and completely ruin them by distorting it with their extremism. Some are on the verge of being delusional  and instead of helping these causes it results in trivialization. Special snowflake syndrome completely destroys otherwise legitimate activism by giving it a bad name.

The majority of their notions are naive and unrealistic. While phrases like “don’t tell girls not to get raped, tell rapists not to rape!!” may sound catchy and witty, they actually don’t do anything. Is there a rape epidemic going on in a lot parts of the world, including the US? Absolutely. Does this need to be addressed and solved? Of course. But activism aimed at actually trying to solve the problem would be a lot more helpful than dreaming of some sort of utopian alternate reality and only working towards that isn’t doing anyone good. The parental equivalent would be “don’t teach little kids to watch both ways before crossing the street, tell drivers not to hit kids with their cars!” Of course, in an ideal world, little kids can wander around wherever the fuck they want without getting hit by cars, and girls can go wherever in whatever they deem wear without getting raped, but that’s simply not the reality we live in. 

Tumblr is a place where a part legitimately thinks we should take people like this, or this seriously, and that’s just stupid. It doesn’t realize that a lot of the SJW are exactly the same as MRA, but reversed. And both are equally retarded. I see posts coming by with things like “criticizing feminism should be illegal” (literally the nazi party), “white people adopting colored children make me sick” (fuck them for giving a child a loving home, right) and “if you don’t call your pets by gender-neutral pronouns you are literally committing animal abuse” (seriously what the flying fuck).

Also, who says this is a comedy blog? This is my blog, and I can honestly post whatever the fuck I want. I can fill it entirely with dicks photoshopped on Dick Cheney’s nose if that pleases me. You don’t even follow me, so what are you bitching about? Grow up.


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hannibal lecter meme 7/8 other outfits
sweaters (◡‿◡✿)

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hannibal lecter meme 2/4 colors

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